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Hi, I'm Stevie-- mom, wife and chief storyteller here. Thanks for stopping by.

Six years ago, we moved into our converted Sprinter van and abandoned home for the open road. Eighteen countries and one baby later, we're still cruising.

We share our journey through photos, essays, and recipes with the explicit intention of inspiring others to live their passion. We write posts ranging from daily life updates to stories about personal transformation, road-schooling, and nomadic life. Sign up in the upper right hand corner for our postcard from the road, and right away we'll send you our super awesome "Secret to Happiness," because who doesn't want that?

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The Itchy Witch in France ‘n’ Disco


While we were in San Francisco applying for our residency visas in Spain, we left our tiny Chinatown hotel room to take Soleil to Pier 39 at Fisherman's Wharf. "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco," so goes the saying. But we got lucky. The weather was gorgeous. Blue skies, no wind. A temperate 7o degrees. When I was little, I couldn't say San Francisco. For me, it was France 'n' Disco. I also used to say "less-a-day" instead of … [Read More...]


Hookers, Rushmore and Limestone: Badass South Dakota

I read the above Vonnegut quote while in South Dakota and found ample opportunity to heed its message.   I think Soleil did, too. Hallelujah! she said, as she hiked the mile uphill to the … [Read More...]


Update: Bounder SOLD!

AS OF AUG.13TH, OUR BELOVED BOUNDER IS SOLD!    Looking for a great deal?    We are selling our 2003 Fleetwood Bounder 35R RV In good condition with tons of extras Price - … [Read More...]

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Bid Adventure in Windswept Wyoming

First stop, Lander.  Good beer, cute cowboy town, and lots of pocketed limestone. We immediately liked the local sense of humor. Well, I should say we liked the local CLIMBER … [Read More...]


Our Unplanned Trip to The Beaver State

It was really cold in April in Colorado. And Ari really wanted to see Oregon. So we took an impromptu road trip to the Beaver State because, what the hell, we're nomads and we can.  It was … [Read More...]


Entering the Garden of the Gods to Meet My Maker…and His Mom

We got to Rifle, Colorado a month too soon. After a few painful days of climbing in finger freezing temps, Soleil and Ari and I headed east over the mountains to Manitou, Colorado Springs … [Read More...]


Zion Family Photo Hell

I just wanted a nice family portrait at Zion National Park. Nothing fancy. Just a couple rising red spires, a Mai Tai colored sunset, and us. The perfect family with a perfect Facebook cover … [Read More...]

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Is School Ruining Our Children?

On our way to Colorado, we stopped at Crawdad Canyon, a manicured "rock climbing park" on private property in St. George, Utah. We pulled up to the locked gate at 9am and, as requested, … [Read More...]

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Why Bishop Is the Best Small Town

 Bishop was good to us yet again. We stayed four weeks at Brown's campground, lighting a fire every night weather permitted.  When we sold the Sprinter, returned from South America, and … [Read More...]


Our (No) Plan for The Next Year

Everyone believes that the main aim in life is to follow a plan. They never ask if that plan is theirs or if it was created by another person. They accumulate experiences, memories, things, other … [Read More...]


Heaven or Las Vegas

Title inspired from this song. Listen while you read. ♥ After a weeklong birthday bender in Mexico City, we flew back to the States on the 23rd of December to celebrate the holidays with my … [Read More...]

Felicidades Stevie Xochimilco

40th Birthday Bash in Distrito Federal, a.k.a. Mexico City

This December was one of the best of my life, but I'm relieved it's over. I'm totally funned out, evidenced by the photos and one embarrassing (but mercifully only four-second long) video you are … [Read More...]

Beautiful Soleil

Mendoza, Argentina Part 2

First big news, it's Tree here. I'm coming out of blogger retirement. With Stevie writing more articles for other publications, she asked me to help keep the family blog posts updated, so … [Read More...]

Soleil with Vines and the Andes

Why we went back to Mendoza, Argentina

As many of you know, a little over a year ago, the Pan-American leg of our around the world adventure came to an end. After spending years driving through 17 countries in Latin America, … [Read More...]


A Period of Juvenile Prosperity: Musings on Mike Brodie’s Photography

We don't own our suffering.  It feels like we do. Like it belongs to us. As if it were a lump of clay, sculpted by our own hands, each curve and indentation revealing the pain moving through … [Read More...]

Mama and Sol in the waves

Viva Mexico! Viva Cabo San Lucas!

I visited Cabo for the first time 17 years ago. My friend and I stayed in a nice casita-type of hotel within walking distance of town. We snorkeled, visited a church, and putzed around in the hot sun, … [Read More...]

3 musketeers

Happy 3rd Birthday Soleil!!!

Soleil's 3rd birthday celebration actually started a few days before the actual day (October 9th) in Las Vegas. She got her party going with these two cute little guys, Noah and Elijah, otherwise … [Read More...]

Sol and Dada Climbing 2

Bye-Bye Maple Canyon

I've been to Utah a few other times in my life, but I must never have bought liquor before. I had no idea that all the liquor stores were owned and operated by the State.  The liquor … [Read More...]

Bones the Dog

From Heroin to Heroine: How a Good Man Made All the Difference

“If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain how he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.” –Johann Wolfgang … [Read More...]

Soleil Tiger3

Draft Show and Town Fair: Nephi, Utah

Finally. We made it to a town fair. It had been way too long since we bumped elbows with the local set. Frankly, North Americans just don't gather as much as their southern neighbors … [Read More...]

Soleil puddle3

What are WE doing in Nephi, Utah?

Well, we targeted Nephi because it's the closest small town (with a grocery store) to Maple Canyon, a beautiful, kid-friendly, rock climbing destination. But when we pulled into town, we almost kept … [Read More...]

Noni's Pasta

Noni’s Garden Pasta with Feta and Summer Vegetables

When I launched Nomadly in Love a few weeks ago, my very good friend Corrin, who goes by Fresh Princess on her popular YouTube cooking channel, asked me to collaborate with her. I was honored, of … [Read More...]

White Water!

My First River Trip! – An Update from Soleil

Guess what! It finally happened! I got to go on my first family river trip! I was so excited!!! THREE WHOLE DAYS DOWN THE DESCHUTES! I had no idea what that meant, but Mama and Daddy, and Pa … [Read More...]