THIS JUST IN – Steamers Lane is Legit

It’s true. The wave in Santa Cruz known as “The Lane” is as good as everyone says. I had 3 amazing sessions out there. This break peels off the point at the lighthouse and creates an amazing right. Further down the line the wave does not quite section and you can sit at a spot called Indicators and pick it up again. This A-frame creates a sweet right and a left at higher tide. It is also true that the break is fairly localized, but not as bad as places like Venice. 5 stars for sure. We’ll be back for this wave on our way to Mexico! TREE

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  1. OK, I think I am officially signed onto your blog. Looks like you two are having GREAT adventure. Diane and I are beginning ours also and I think we will also create our own blog of adventures.

  2. Looks nice Tree. Wish I was there.

  3. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Colin, you would have loved this right!

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