Wine Tasting Santa Cruz

Let the record show that Santa Cruz has fully treated us right. We love this town. It’s right up there with Encinitas in almost every category. Plus it has fabulous wine. We hit Bonny Dune Winery yesterday after multiple recommendations and it was off the hook. So we went back today and did another tasting and then had dinner in their restaurant. 5 star food, no doubt. There happened to be a 40 person VIP group coming through and they had pre-arrange a barrel tasting. Soooo, after dinner we managed to “slide” our way into the group. What? Exactly!!! It was tops. Their logo made the wall of fame inside the Sprinter. Tomorrow is our last day in Santa Cruz. Then its off to Napa Valley for a 2 day wine passport event. Surfing has truly become my second sport. Stevie… What have you done to me! 🙂 TREE

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