Eugene Oregon – Thumbs Up!

We had a great time in the town of Eugene, OR. It was a liberal haven in the land of flying dixie flags. We spent a lot of time at the Wandering Goat, a super cool punk rock coffee shop that would’ve prompted me to run away from home and shack up in the parking lot had I discovered it at the age of 13.  They even let Kiki inside. 
Tree has started to test the boundaries of Family Rule #4. He constantly looks for “World Famous” signs. When he saw the sign for The Hotdog Place he was unstoppable. Boldly citing Family Rule #4 he proceeded to order an ENORMOUS sausage. We ended up sharing (well kind of, Tree’s also taken to dividing our portions by body weight which puts me at a grave disadvantage) and it was deeeelicious!!!
We wine tasted that afternoon and had a great experience at King Estate. After learning about our plan to drive to South America, our new friend Kevin scrapped the tasting menu and began pouring us all the reserve wines from the back room! Shockingly, we really enjoyed a couple of their Pinots (we generally prefer bigger reds) but in the end ordered a bottle of incredible cab for dinner.  Dinner was amazing. We ate the best crab cakes I’ve ever had, juicy  juicy juicy tenderloin, sauteed brussel sprouts, and pommes frites with truffle oil. It was the best meal of 2010, and it was NOT allotted by body weight!

Life is good! STEVIE

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  1. I see vintner in your future.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stevie always says that her dream job would be to work in a tasting room pouring fine wine. She loves meeting and socializing with new people. She loves to talk about wine, and god knows she loves drinking it! The only problem is that too many wine tasters are Republicans. We all know she’d be fired for starting left-wing riots in the tasting room.  TREE

  3. This reminds me of a show on deep fried food… Snickers, hot dogs, hamburgers, battered and fried bacon. There was one place that hadn't changed the grease for 60 years…I think my mind blocked the more disgusting things. Perhaps a new rule…world famous deep-fried?? I have to go back and read the earlier entries… I think I'm ready to pull a radical geographic like you two!

  4. I love Eugene! Many happy college adventures there! Love you guys!

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