Hit Pause…

Well, we’re not on the Rogue River tonight! When we woke up this morning it was 50 degrees and raining. I had told Stevie it would be beautiful even though the forecast called for stormy weather the first day. I’ve learned never to use the word “stormy” around my two LA girls. Stevie wears a patagonia down jacket in the summer and Kiki won’t even go out to pee if it’s raining. But looking into Stevie’s eyes I realized that she was starting to doubt my forecast skills and perhaps even my Wilderness-Man-Skills. We had a simple choice to make: Rig the raft in the cold rain and tough it out the first day, OR head back to town and hit the Tee-Time for breakfast sausage sandwiches and then sample local wineries in the Applegate Valley. Seriously not a hard call, right??? I struggled for a second, almost put up a fight, and then conceded that we didn’t always have to suffer to have fun.

The 2 vineyards we went to were really quite beautiful. We especially liked Troon Winery where we tasted delicious Port paired with homemade chocolate truffles. Stevie and our new friend Corey chatted about culture, wine, and then exchanged Blog addresses. (Hi Corey!)

One thing I do love about Stevie is that she is the only person who can get me to slow down. Instead of pushing through a rain storm we enjoyed a wonderful day sipping wine and chatting with locals. Tomorrow we will head back to the river and for sure be on our way. TREE

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  1. Tree, I am SO GLAD you are having the experience of slowing down, and being flexible and open to changing plans. What an amazing opportunity and insight. I love you both and am so glad you are sharing this extraordinary time together! For those of you who know Tree, you know this is different than his regular "push through it" approach! Yeah team!

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