In Oregon? Go to HillCrest Winery!

If you find yourself in Southern Oregon you absolutely MUST go to HillCrest Winery. We stumbled on it, or maybe the universe directed us there, but either way this place is off the charts. The owner, Dyson Demara, came out of Napa Valley. He has worked the wine business all over the world and is now growing in the Umpqua Valley. His wines are not the type you’d expect to find in Oregon. They are as good as anything we had in California. They will blow your socks off. If you love wine, check them out…

Now, onward to the north! TREE

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  1. Hi Tree & Stevie,

    We met at the Hillcrest Winery Sunday. That place was fabulous! Then, I get back to work today and found this article and link that may be of interest to you while still in Oregon. Best of luck to you on the adventure.

    Thom Noller
    Mayfair Liquors
    Denver, CO

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Thom! Thanks so much for the article. Good stuff. We're tasting the Willamette Valley right now. Really good wine up here too. It was great meeting you guys. Hope our paths cross again.
    Cheers – Tree

    I am really really jealous!

  4. Oh and Brick House….is an absolute must!!! YUMMMMMY!!!

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