Napa rules!!!

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Before we went tasting in Napa, we’d heard a lot about it from various folks from other wine regions, things like “well, unlike Napa that has big, juicy grapes and bold, jammy wines, our grapes come from a higher elevation so they’re small, subtle, and well, structured.” I’m not sure exactly what structured tastes like, but I don’t care because BIG, BOLD, JUICY, JAMMY WINES RULE!!!

It’s true, Napa Cabs are not subtle, they’re obvious- OBVIOUSLY DELICIOUS. We now know that the other regions are just jealous, and understandably so. It’s really not fair. In the somewhat adulterated words of The Smiths, “Some grapes are bigger than others, Some grapes are bigger than others, Some grapes mothers are bigger than other grapes mothers.”

We were planning to go to Napa anyway. Tree was online researching, and he happened to discover that there was a passport event taking place the weekend we were going. Clearly, we are loved by unseen forces. For those of you that don’t know what a wine passport is, it’s kind of like an open house. You pay a fixed price and then you taste for free all weekend. For the Napa event, 16 wineries were participating, many of which are usually not open to the public or are only open by appointment. We tasted $185 bottles of Cabernet at Chateaus, we sipped wine club exclusives in barns built in the 19th century, we sampled tapas sitting by ponds with Lilly pads. Incidentally, I discovered that Lilly pads are actually rooted to the bottom of the pond. We don’t see much of those in the city.

The best part though was meeting our new friends! We met so many great people- Scott, Charlotte, Matt, Pinda, Lee, Trina, Lynn….Please stay in touch, we had such an amazing time with you all.

Much love! -STEVIE

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  1. Melissa says:

    Looks like you guys are having an awesome time!! Love all the pictures. cant wait to see whats next!!

  2. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    I can't wait to visit you so that we can post you and Izy on the blog!

  3. Matthew says:

    Napa does Rule! Hope you are enjoying your journey up the coast… and the redwoods are awesome, the smell is so refreshing.

  4. There are these birds in Africa (and probably elsewhere…I'm learning) called Jacanas… or "lily hoppers" that have these long long toes that keep them upright while walking over lilies…I lived them. Wikipedia has a great pic… and yes…they are rooted to the ground… my beavers ate all mine 🙂

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