Oregon – The Aftermath Of Rain

We had a great visit with our wonderful friends Mick and Michelle. They have a beautiful cabin way up in the mountains. We drank wine and watched old kayak videos of me and Mick. Good Times! The rain cleared for a bit yesterday and we enjoyed the beauty of the western slopes of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains!

1) Stevie absorbs the power of Salmon Falls on the North Fork of the Santiam River. Truly a magical place.

2) Kiki enjoying our mid-day picnic spot. (click on this photo and view it enlarged!)

3) Our great friends Mick, Michelle and Vinny hosted us for a wonderful dinner.

4) Stevie showing she is not afraid of bears anymore!


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  1. Nica and Noni says:

    nica says: i am having a froggy weekend ! I'm at Noni's and we read your blog. love nica

    Hey there! she typed that herself! I was reading all of your adventures to her. Yesterday she was a frog princess inthe children's parade. Today she won a frog at the Carnival. And tonight we watched the Princess and the Frog together. That's why we're having a froggy weekend. Looks like you two are having a ball also. Lovely. And lots of love to YOU. Love Noni and Nica

  2. geotography says:

    Very cool photo of Kiki…and, of course, you two look cool and joyous. G and G, Ashland

  3. Question: Is that an extra large Toto in the foreground trying to tell a passerby mom is passed out in the poppy fields???

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