Rogue River – Mission Accomplished

We’re back safe and sound from the 4 days adventure down the Rogue River. We enjoyed beautiful sunny weather every day. Temps got into the 80s. We hit every line in every rapid. Nature cooperated and we saw everything that was promised, including bears!

Click here to check out all the photos and read more about the trip.
(note: after clicking on the link, you can actually click on the first photo and then read captions underneath the picture, then use the arrows to move to the next photo)…

We’re in a hotel room in Grants Pass tonight. Tomorrow we begin a 1 week wine tasting trip from Southern Oregon up through the Willamette Valley and into the Gorge. This is Pinot country people! By next weekend our plan is to be in Hood River.

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  1. Wonderful. You three are fortunate Beings!! I am so happy for you!

  2. Aarghh! I joined google again and everything and it still wouldn't let me post to your pics…so Tin Turner is a Merganzer…fish eating water foul. If you can look closely you can see that her beak is very different than a duck with a tooth like structure at the end…very cute babies btw! I have an xray with a fish hook passing through a merganzers intestins… fortunately it made it to the gizzard and we didn't have to open her up.

    AS to the bird "mobbing" the eagle…they probably had a nest nearby…but songbirds and especially corvids (raven crows magpies etc) love to mob raptors… raptors only like to attack when not seen so the "prey" gets their revenge by harassing to no end…it is actually one way birders find owls…and when we release owls we do it after the other birds bedtime…so they can find a roost in peace… Bald Eagles are also notoriously lazy…always taking the easiest food whether carrion or stealing from others…so Stevie you can add that to your astute observations of our national symbol!!

  3. says:

    Sounds great y'all. Sorry you had to do it with out a guitar play fire juggling Dragon to keep you amused.

  4. Wow!! all those photos are awesome!! I wish i went with you!!

  5. Melissa says:

    hey that last comment was from me…i did not realize i was logged into Roberts account!LOL

  6. WOW!!!

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