The things we see as Nomads

What we see on the winding roads of NorCal…

1) Trees– many, many beautiful Old Growth Redwood trees.
2) Holes in Trees– it seems that every small town with a big tree between Fort Bragg and Grant’s Pass cuts a hole in their biggest green giant in an attempt to draw visitors. Come drive through our tree folks!
3) Squatters Living in Trees– actually we saw entire villages nestled in the trees off the side of the road- one man had a long beard, one leg, and a dog, and he lived in a bunch of beat up cars that had apparently just ‘fallen’ off the cliff!? Awfully suspicious to me. We saw him hitchhiking into town, or maybe we saw him casing the next ‘accident’. Hmmm…I’ll let you decide.
4) The Lost Coast– a.k.a. Home of the Happiest Grassfed (and probably very delicious) Cows on Earth
5) Marathons and Races– on the one hand, we could’ve considered it bad luck that the Sprinter twice found itself crawling along winding mountain roads in the midst of BOTH the Big Sur marathon and The Tour of the Lost Coast (an epic bike race along the Dyerville Loop, 100 miles with hundreds of delirious cyclists peddling uphill for 9400 feet). But as we watched the racers pound and peddle pavement in the noonday sun, we found it both inspirational and reassuring to see that other people make crazier lifestyles choices than we do.
6) Beautiful Ocean Views– we had one of the best sunsets yet atop a cliff in Trinidad, just look at the picture of Tree and Kiki. (check out Tree’s new hat!)
7) Ticks– tons of them. Kiki got infested at Albee Creek (see photo#2 of the last blog). The worst part is that I had to get them out. We discovered the infestation while we were driving the Lost Coast in the middle of the bike race. The road was winding, I was screaming, Kiki was shaking, and Tree was trying not to knock a cyclist off a cliff. Finally we made it to Petco to buy a tick comb. I sat on the sidewalk combing the ticks out and grinding them into the concrete. A guy from the AT+T store came outside to complain I thought so I was half ready to impale him with the comb too, but as it turned out, he just wanted to know what kind of dog Kiki was, she’s so pretty, how old is she, etc.. It’s remarkable, even full of bloodsucking ticks, people flock to her. How does she do it?
Since this episode we’ve taken to calling her Ticky as payback for making us itchy and paranoid. She doesn’t seem to mind.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You stayed in the Redwoods near one of my favorite places in the world – Patrick's Point State Park. I used to go every year to the agate beach there and fill up my car with stones from the beach to take home and polish. Then I'd hike the Damnation Trail through the Redwoods and down to the coast. Isn't Trinidad amazing?

    The fam all missed you two today at our celebration, but we send our love to you all – full ON!

  2. I see the red wine and cheese made it to NorCal also!

  3. They have this medicine for dogs that prevents fleas and tics. It is just a drop that you put on her neck and it works for a few months. Poor Kiki!

  4. Anonymous says:

    We have Kiki on Revolution, but it only works after the tick bites. Kiki literally had dozens just crawling in her hair!
    Miss you cuz!!!

  5. Revolution is actually the best…. if a vet will be honest with you… but when you hit an infestation it is vile…I got my first tick bite two years ago..I've only had two. When I found out they breed in woodpiles, I made it my mission to burn every last one and not use my propane (My winter heat is 90% wood stove) they are the nastiest evilest creatures on this planet. Did you have the big gray ones that are always nestled up against a little red one…uggh one is male and one female… It is amazing how seeing one kicks up the histamines!

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