This is not a Prank, it’s a Prankster!

Trujillo Bothers showcasing iconic purple plastic from yester-year!
This is a real-deal old school classic pre-dot-com freestyle kayak called the Prankster. This boat should not be operated by novice or intermediate paddlers, nor by anyone using a left-hand control paddle, nor by anyone with an accent other than Corran. In the event of an emergency, insert both fins and prepare to low brace. This means YOU Mick!

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  1. Hey – I see you've solved the no-ladder issue – just park next to a wall – clever.
    Wow – that's a big boat when you stand it up on end – taller than the both of you…..

  2. What no Winery in the last couple days? You guys ok? Nice boat but these photos clearly provide evidence that Adam got the good looks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ho Cake
    We tasted a Pink Rose today that I know you would have loved. We actually have a special family code word we use any time we taste a light fluffy wine. We just look at eachother and say "SIMKOWSKI"!!!


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