This Just In – We like Pinot!!!

Who’d-a-thunk-it! Yesterday we cruised the Wineries in the middle Willamette Valley. In typical Oregon fashion the day started out sunny and beautiful but quickly turned cold, rainy and stormy reaffirming why I left this state years ago! The wine brightened the day however. We historically haven’t liked Pinot, preferring instead bigger more structured wines. But there is something in the soil up here because we tasted complex delicious Pinot all day. We especially liked the wines from the 06 vintage. It was a hot summer and all the wines came out bigger than usual. The tasting rooms here don’t exactly suck either. Check out the picture of Stevie and notice that the tasting bar at Bethel is pouring 13 different wines for a whopping $5 fee!!!!!

We’re both feeling the Liver-Tax of multiple weeks of wine tasting, so tonight we plan to head up into the Cascade Mountains and visit Mick & Michelle, and then tomorrow we’re going hiking at Silver Creek Falls!


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  1. Who'd a thunk indeed. Send me the names of the Pinots you like. I wanna try!! Love you- Sis

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pinot is for Girls. When are you guys going to tour some breweries? Lets man up this blahg with some hops or some whiskey…We want to hear about drunken nights, the ones when you wake up in your car in the parking lot……wait never mind.

    Paddle shipped….


  3. Christine Collier says:

    If you have time check out Willamette Valley Vineyards- great wine and beautiful views of the valley.

    Sorry the weather wasn't better for you, but that is Oregon. Silver Falls is a beautiful spot.

    Good luck and have a blast on your journey!

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