Tree’s Family visits Hood River

Tree’s Dad and his wife Diane came down to visit us in Hood River. They brought Tree’s beautiful little niece Nica. We had so much fun hanging out with them for a couple nights.

After dinner we watched the movie Invictus on dvd. I hadn’t realized that the movie was about a chapter in Nelson Mandela’s life. Had I known, I would’ve seen it sooner. I love hearing about inspirational people performing heroic acts of strength, grace and compassion, and that is exactly what Mandela’s life story is. How did he find such forgiveness and then have the wisdom to preach love and tolerance in the face of hate and resentment? He gives me hope in humanity. I think I may pick up a biography so we can learn more about this great man. STEVIE

Photo #1 – Sweet Nica giving all her love to Kiki, her “best friend”

Photo #2 – Nica and I taking a break from putting together our princess puzzle

Photo #3 – John, Diane, and I admiring the delicious Copper River Salmon before it went onto the grill

Photo #4 – Tree and John Senior working the grill

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  1. Do you guys get motorhome envy when you hang out with SR?

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