Tree’s Special Talent

Tree has a very unique talent. He is able to sit down in front of a computer and literally not move for 12 hours. Since we’ve been in Fort Bragg I don’t even think he’s left the house. He’s just been working away on Outdoorplay. Bree and I are threatening to turn off the wifi, but I don’t think he believes us. Kiki always seems to find a comfortable place right next to Daddy.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my visit with Bree. We’ve been cooking up a storm! We started off with lamb cannelloni the first night. Last night was Chicken Mole enchiladas, and tonight we’re making eggs Florentine with homemade hollandaise! Yummy. These meals are the only way to get Tree out of the cave.

Tomorrow we head out for a weekend of hiking and camping in the California Redwoods! I can’t wait. -STEVIE

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ones,
    Reading your blog is a joy. You two are true explorers, seeking always to immerse yourselves and learn, wherever you go. You're also great cooks! – You know how to season any "event" with generous doses of openness, adventurousness, good humor, introspection, and love. So of course you never fail to "cook up" wonderful adventures. Thanks for sharing your recipes – for travel and for life. They are infinitely satisfying.
    May all you do nourish you and those you love.
    Love mom

  2. What you're doing sounds like so much fun. I'd love to pack the kids up for a year and just hit the road. Instead, I'll just read your blog and enjoy vicariously. Be safe.

    Cousin Rae

  3. says:

    Tell tree that if he is going to be on the computer for 12 hours at a time; he can take the time to send ol' becky an email. Love you guys

  4. If he's spending that much time on the computer….he might want to keep that thing off his lap… WIFI is just like a cell phone 😉

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