I Miss You Jim.

Today Stevie, Cheryll and I went to Smith Rocks and visited Jim’s memorial bench. I felt sad, and happy, and mad, and… at peace, all at the same time. When Jim died at Smith rocks a couple years ago I was in Tibet getting ready to trek to Everest base camp. I remember getting the text message sitting in a café in down town Lhasa. I changed my flight and was back in Hood River 3 days later for the service. I’ve lost many friends, (too many), but losing Jim crushed me. He was my rock climbing mentor. I looked up to him. I respected him. And I still think about him all the time. RIP my friend.

1) Us climbing Sunrise Book in the Sawtooth mountains
2) Us on the summit of Higher Cathedral Spire
3) Us on the summit of Brail Book in Yosemite
4) Us regrouping after finishing the Moratorium
5) Us on the summit of Myopia
6) Us hiking in to climb the Elephants Perch

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  1. Beautiful post my love.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I keep revisiting this post, sharing it with family and friends. Jim is never far from my thoughts and it is heartwarming to know you feel the same way. A touching tribute. Thank you.

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