Rejected at the Canadian Border!!!

It’s true. We were yellow slipped and turned back at customs. I will never go to Canada again. I am officially boycotting the Country! Here is the story…

As we pulled into line at the border I was already a little nervous. Not because of anything “illegal” I was carrying. I was smart and left all that back in Hood River. I was nervous because 8 years ago when I tried to go to Canada I was rejected for of a DUI that I got when I was 21. Even though I had done a diversion and it was off my driving record in the States, apparently that wasn’t good enough for Canada. Another friend of ours was recently rejected for the same reason. His DUI was from 40 years ago!!! So for the record, you can visit Canada only 7 years after committing a major felony in the States, but if you have a DUI you’re never welcome back. Crazy.

So sitting there in the border line I was a bit worried that my DUI might come up if they ran my name in the computer. After waiting and waiting in line we finally made our way to the window. They immediately moved us from the regular line into the special covered area reserved for narco smugglers and draft dodgers. We were informed that failure to declare certain items would result in a $400 fine per item and possible detention. When asked if we had any alcohol or firearms I told him we had wine. He informed me that I was only allowed to bring 2 bottles into Canada. 2 BOTTLES!!! Are you kidding me? We’ve got 51 bottles of world-class wine in the van. We have the very best bottles of the 90+ wineries we visited along every wine region on the west coast of America! (My response to him? Click on the picture above)

We were given the option to pay an insane amount in Canadian duties or return to the US. That is when I decided it was time to boycott Canada. Adios Canada. We didn’t want to spend a bunch of money in your country anyway!
On to greener pastures. – TREE

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  1. Alexis Schulman says:

    LOL. Smug ass Canada…always thinking they are better than America. And I did NOT know that other countries care if you have had a DUI. Seriously. Gimme a break. South Park ALWAYS makes fun of Canada and I never really understood why, maybe because they sound funny…but now I know its because they are lame.

  2. Booooo Canada.

  3. Hey! Just turn directly west and bring those 51 bottles of wine THIS way!! Here's your Mama, welcoming you with open arms and a bottle opener!

    • Canada is one of those places that I am really looking forward to driving through as well. I think that little rule is bs of course, but I love your mom’s response to the 51 bottles of wine.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you had a rainbow sticker on your van, then, The Canucks wouldn't think your a drug smuggler……


  5. I’ve just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and am really enjpying it.
    I’m sorry you have such a feeling of hatered towards Canada. We have visited the USA many, many times and always enjoy your country. It might interest you to know that we would have the same problem trying to enter the US with 51 bottles of wine as well, as a matter of fact we were rejected one time because we had a pound of grapes that they wanted to conviscate. I know if we had turned them in, they’d have eaten them themseleves. This happened two years ago. I was so disgusted that we made a u turn and headed back to Canada, ate the grapes and crossed the border a few miles up the road.
    Elaine in BC Cnada .

    • Hey Elaine. We actually love Canada. We were just mad (and throwing a bit of a tantrum) that we got rejected because we REALLY wanted to travel through the countryside and continue our wine tasting tour. I have no doubt that getting into the U.S. would have been equally problematic if the table was turned. Next time we’ll have to make sure to leave our wine behind. We’re still looking forward to traveling across Canada, and at least now we’ll get to do it with our daughter, Soleil. Even better! Anyhow, I’m glad you found us!! Stay in touch 🙂

      • Elaine McCullough May says:

        Thank you so much for your hasty reply, I feel better already. You really are having a wonderful trip, I’ve been reading a bit of your blog every day trying to catch up .
        You have a beautiful little girl, she reminds me of our two daughters when they were young.
        Bye for now, Have fun.
        Elaine on Vancouver Island BC

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