Another day on the job… hanging with Laird Hamilton

I got the email from my pals over at Tsunami Sales. Laird Hamilton was flying into Seattle to do an event for REI at the flagship store downtown. But first he was doing a small industry only Surftech demo on west lake. Stevie and I were extended an invitation. How the hell are you going to say no to that???
My good buddy Mike runs Tsunami and pimps Surftech. He is by far the most bad ass rep I know in the business. He gave me the total hook up on a new LAIRD 10’6 Stand Up board and off we went. The new board is really sweet, especially with the autograph on the nose! It is a great addition to the quiver. Stevie’s not too happy though. She claims the new board has totally blocked access to her shoe rack. I’m also receiving dirty looks from Kiki who has lost real estate to both surf boards and wine. I promised both of them that I’d move some boards to the roof rack as soon as we get back to Socal.
Laird was super mellow and humble. Not the type of guy you’d think would surf an 80 foot wave! We had fun paddling with him. I must be sailing under a lucky star because in the last year I’ve SUPed with Jerry Lopez AND Laird Hamilton. If I somehow manage to get a surf session in with Kelly Slater I will have completed the trifecta of surf gods! It could happen… tree

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  1. Laird is a stud, no question. But did he paddle over a big ass shark the first time on a SUP? I don't think so……

  2. Simko, it doesn't count if the sharks name is "Fluffy". I'm sorry. Go fish…

  3. Dude You Two Are Blessed!! I'm Happy For You Both!!

  4. angela/mom says:

    Dang. Every day of your LIFE is a treat from the Gods!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Step mom, is a bad ass surf chick


  6. Anonymous says:

    Step mom is a hot surfer girl….


  7. Anonymous says:

    That's weird!!


  8. ok Tree – you were goin' downhill for me with all the wine drinking tour in the RV. But, hookin' up with Laird Hamilton has put you back on my cool list.
    You'd be even cooler if you'd post a picture of you paddlin' my Prankster *grin*

  9. Anonymous says:

    is Laird surfing the tsunami?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am happy to have helped Kiki get her real estate back,and return access to Stevie's Shoes.Let me know when you need some more help…Don't worry about the signature,fish cant read anyway.You will probably run into Slater at Playa Hermosa if there is a good swell.Jim Hogan will know where he is at.

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