From Fine Wine to the Y-Not???

The day started off innocent enough. Cheryll and Stevie took Kiki hiking through a poison oak forest while I went paddle boarding on the Columbia. After watching them pull stickers out of her fur with latex gloves on, we all decided to head out for an afternoon of wine tasting. We hit Jacob Williams in Lyle, which was tops. Solid reds across the tasting flight. Then we went back to Marshals, the best kept secret in the gorge. Over at Marshals every taste is actually a glass of wine and for better or worse, the flight consists of about 12 varietals. Between tastes, visitors may graze from the all you can eat bowl of Cheetos sitting on the bar. We killed one bowl and Stevie and I walked out with 4 bottles of wine. Cheryll bought 1. 
Needless to say we all thought it was a GREAT idea to stop by the Y-NOT Tavern in Dallesport on the way home. This make-shift bar is owned by Ron Jr, who is the son of Ron-John, the owner of Marshals Winery. The Tavern is built right into the front of Ron Jr’s home. Ron Jr is Ron-John’s son from his first marriage. Ron Jr should not be confused with Ron-John’s other son, Marshal, whom the winery is actually named after. Marshal is the heir to the vineyard and Dad pays his cell bill. Ron Jr, although the proud owner of the Y-Not Tavern, does not have a winery named after him. He pays his own cell bill and is facing jail time in the near future for crimes that were not discussed.  Stevie and Cheryll left their mark on Ron Jr’s bar and we escaped the Y-Not Tavern without incident. 
Life is Good. TREE

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you guys even FIND these places? Unreal.
    Tom from Colorado, remember?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that bar looks classic


    I'm just sayin'

  4. We're coming for you SIMKOWSKI. Buckle up, cause we're dragging you to this event…

    Spirits Of Mexico


  5. Anonymous says:

    Melissa- Y/Not Tavern Co Owner
    I read your blog about the Y/Not Tavern and I think that it was wrong to put that someone was facing jail time. That is there personal life and it didn't need to be added. Hope you understand

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