Lurking on the Oregon Coast

We’ve set up our procrastination station on the North Oregon Coast. Kiki is very happy to see the ocean again. She loves to run and play on the beach. Stevie is a little shell shocked. She doesn’t quite understand how it can be July, yet she is wearing long-underwear under her pants with a triple protective poly-fleece layering system under a Mountain Hardwear wind jacket. I feel her pain. I tried to surf once so far. Every freezing cold duck-dive felt like someone was pounding my temples with a ball-pine hammer. The effort to get outside the break was in vain considering it’s impossible to surf in 50 knot winds. When not fighting the riptides that were threatening to send me to Japan, I was constantly paddling against the wind so as not to end up back in Washington State. Oh yeah, and then there was the great white shark report. Joy. I’m not feeling very “native tough’ anymore. TREE

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, you are a Native Oregonian! Riding ice cold waves in wild wind with big sharks nipping at your heels should be child's play for you!

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