No Canada – No Problem

We dropped back into the Okanagan Valley where we stumbled onto an amazing winery. Rockwell Cellars is located in the little town of Omak. Doug, the owner and a 4th generation local, poured us all 18 of his wines. We hit it off and he took us back into “The Room” where we were treated to 3 amazing barrel samples. I think his Malbec is going to be special. It’s due to be bottled this winter. After that we cruised into the Northern Cascade Mountains. Life is gooood!

Photo #1 – Me and Kiki going Western

Photo #2 – Stevie being treated to barrel tasting at Rockwell Cellars

Photo #3 – Me and Kiki taking in the view of the Liberty Bell. I climbed this big granite rock wall almost exactly 5 years ago!

Over and Out – TREE

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  1. It's a good thing you were in the states when you gave Kiki that bottle of beer – they would have arrested you in CANADA for that kind of camraderie! And hey . . . . how did Kiki get so TALL?

  2. Oh, and notice how Kiki looks a little wasted? Just how many beers did she HAVE?

  3. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    When we were at Rock Wall, Doug let us barrel taste Marechal Foch, a French wine made from a hybrid grape. Doug is going to bottle it on its own this fall. I was really impressed by this incredibly unique varietal. I highly suggest having a couple bottles shipped to wherever you may be to give it a try.

    We also tasted at Wapato Cellars the same day and had a great experience!!! Thanks Mike!!

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