Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These…

Today’s mission was to procure a new mattress for the Sprinter Van. Stevie and I consider sleep to be the second most important luxury in life (the first of course being quality red wine). Suffice to say we weren’t messing around when we walked into to mattress store and confronted our lonely salesman.

The guy gave us his very best sales pitch right off the bat. This included a long list of attributes proving that the Tempur-pedic was the best mattress in the whole wide world. I let him go on and on and on, but he had me at… “this mattress is a breakthrough in sleep technology that has forever changed the way millions of people sleep”. SOLD.

Stevie was a tougher sell, but not by much. She quickly jumped on the band wagon after learning that conventional mattresses exert counter-pressure that contorts your body into unnatural positions, restricting blood flow and causing pressure points resulting in tossing and turning, pain, and a lack of quality sleep. We were both quickly convinced that conventional mattresses should not even be sold anymore. It’s borderline criminal that these things are still on the market. We intend to contact the consumer protection agency to make sure they are also aware of this serious problem.

As you can see in the image below, the patented TEMPUR material conforms perfectly to your body, allowing your shoulders and hips to sink into the mattress just enough so that support is provided along your entire body. I guess we were just tired of living in the “Sleep Risk” category, and we smiled at each other as we bended and pushed our new 8-inch thick Swedish Tempur-Pedic mattress into the back of the Sprinter.

Life is good. Nighty-Night. TREE

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  1. Sooooooooo, how was the first night? Is the mattress everything you'd hoped? Should I invest in one? Give us the report!

  2. They are divine.

  3. Oh yeah – the tempurpedic is the way to go!!!! We've had one at home for about five years. Got a pillowtop version in our Sprinter also.

  4. Corrinie says:

    Ahhh. You will never look back. We have them at home and in our van…so cozy! Glenn thinks you should get a pair of LaFumas for the road; the ultimate in anti-gravity lounge chair technology 🙂

    We love reading about your adventures. Enjoy every minute.
    Our love,

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