Toyo M-55 – Built for Military Vehicles, Commercial Big Rigs, and 1 Sprinter Van

Although we are still in Oregon drinking fine wine, we’ve been realizing that our date for crossing the border into Mexico is rapidly approaching. We’ve loved this northern part of our road trip, but we both consider the southern border crossing into Mexico to be the beginning of the real adventure into the unknown.
Stevie is doing research each day on the different countries in Central and South America while I’ve been planning routes through the countries to determine the safest passage. On of my biggest concerns is the van. It’s vitally important that the van is in perfect condition when we head south. We plan to drive through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. I want to make sure the Sprinter is ready for the terrain.
My recent focus has been on procuring new tires. And good ones. The last place I want a flat tire is on some desolate road in South America!
After tons of research we decided on the M&S rated heavy-duty 10-ply all-steel belted Toyo M-55, with anti-rock-chip protection.  Over kill? Yeah maybe. But these tires are straight wicked. The M-55 is an all-terrain traction tire for heavy-duty work trucks. They were built to handle the most demanding commercial applications. This is the same tire the Government puts on US Forest service trucks and it is widely used on Military vehicles. Now it is also used on 1 sprinter van!

(Hey Simko, is that manly enough for you?)
Over and Out – TREE

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You two are smart in trying to keep your rig tight and choosing the safest routes possible on your journeys . Of course, we do what we can to be safe, and the rest is up to luck, the gods, and karma. May your luck be awesome, the gods smile on you, and your karma ripen into all good things!!!!

  2. Theo would love love love those tires!!!!! So glad you are playin it safe!

  3. Those are some nice shoes for the rig. If you could follow this post up with a brewery tour, you may get your man card back. Pinot boy! Thanks for mannin' up the blahg.

    May the good force of the universe bless those new tires with many miles and may the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round……

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