Dewey, I thought you were dead???

Yes, things begin to look a little blurry when you spend hours on end inside the San Clemente Public Library paranoid and on alert. This is where we’ve been working every day since our boycott of Starbucks began over a week ago.

Although Stevie feels right at home studying her spanish and working on her writing, I have continual nightmare flashbacks from my personal wars that transpired on Library soil between the 2nd and 6th grade. Battles were won and lost on a weekly basis as I fought my arch-nemesis, the Dewey Decimal System.
Why Dewey? Why have you come back to haunt me? DEWEY, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

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  1. Que desatino!

  2. There is no Dewey. There is no Dewey. Just keep saying it to yourself and before you know it Al will invent the Internet and then there will be NO DEWEY.

  3. Too much sun . . .
    too much sun . . .
    Time to move on . . . .
    Actually, Dewey has changed. He was in therapy for years, and feels great remorse for torturing you poor defenseless boys with all those great big numbers . . .
    and, uh, by the way, what's the story with boycotting Starbuck's?

  4. Alexis Schulman says:

    you think dewy is bad? Say Hello to my little friend (think scarface) The Quadratic Equations. Please solve using "completing the square" Method.


    And then tell me in what profession that using this kinda of math is important.

  5. Since you are boycotting Yuppiebucks can I throw away the shit your left next to my coffee pot? Hey buddy- the best part of wakin' up is FOLGERS in your cup!

  6. Simko, you throw away that gourmet coffee and I'll dump out your coors light. tree

  7. Sounds like the Simkos know how to enjoy the good stuff. We r on the same page!!

  8. whatever miss Gin-snob. That gin you drink costs more than kiki's shoes. Simko burned all his taste buds off eating at burrito-loco and thats why he drinks folgers and coors lite.

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