Outdoor Retailer – Mission Accomplished

We’ve been in Salt Lake City Utah for the last several days attending Outdoor Retailer. This is the largest outdoor sports show in the world. All the manufacturers (Patagonia, Surftech, Columbia Sportswear, Teva, ect.) set up booths and the retailers go in and decide what to buy for the next year. Prototypes of cutting edge new products are shown. Deals are made. Hands are shaken. And money is spent. Lots of money.

We were there for my business, Outdoorplay. This was my 15th show in as many years, but it was Stevie’s 1st. I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked to see her blend in with professional kayakers, climbers, and surfers as if they were old friends.

At one point I came out of an appointment and there she was sitting on a couch next to the legendary owner and founder of the largest paddlesports company in the US. This guy is a big time boss in the outdoor world. Stevie was just, you know, chatting his ear off like she loves to do. Later I asked her if she had any idea who she was talking to? To this she replied…
“oh, I this he’s some kayaking sales rep or something. Kinda sad because he’s older you know”


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  1. Like I said, slc. I'll take a cabfranc please!

  2. Pick yourselves up some WARM gear while you're there, cuz we're taking you sailing on SF Bay when you get here, and its COLD out there! (30 knots today!)

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