"The Restaurant"… shhhh

There is all kind of restaurants. There are good restaurants and great restaurants, recommended restaurants, gourmet restaurants, the restaurant downtown, uptown, and across town. They serve home cooked meals, delicacies, things from the sea, things from far away lands, and special entrées you cannot pronounce. They use secret recipes flavored with spices and herbs you’ve never heard of. They pair meals with hand-selected vinos and deserts come with tiny little silver spoons. 
I have been to all of these places. Yet there is one that stands apart. A place where you have to know someone who knows someone to even get the address. A place that doesn’t accept reservations.
The chef is so famous and recognized that he can hardly leave the united states without someone asking for his autograph. Yes, he shaves his legs, although in some countries they would call it “buzzing”. Yes, I personally saw this chef shove a Coors Lite up a chicken’s ass. That’s no joke. This guy WILL be cooking for the next President, of some small country.
I could tell you where to go… but then I’d have to kill you. All I can offer you is the proof. TREE

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Hmmmmm….so this is what you guys do when I'm not around. Very interesting. And where did Simko get that applicator to put the beer in the butt?

  3. reagan gagnon says:

    whose shiny legs are those?

  4. Anonymous says:

    You did butter the can first, right?

  5. Well well well. You 3 are still up to some very interesting antics. So……. How was it? (the chicken). Do I have to go in search of a can holder chicken cooker?

  6. As witness to this GRAND EVENT, I can testify that the chicken surrendered with only a few "cackles" and was tender and moist. As for the THREE AMIGOS – well the picture says it all !

  7. Anonymous says:

    what happened to the chicken on the right? he's looking a little burned

  8. Hey 7 comments. Thats a record for the Blahg. By the way the shaved legs make me cook faster.
    Its was a rare and fun time having the the three Trujillos over. Wish we could do it more. Stevie we missed you, hope to see you soon.

    The Cook

  9. BTW, its not burned……its BBQ'ed

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