Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Mom! You’re the best in the whole wide world. Love you more than all the stars in the sky!!! xoxoxo tree

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  1. Thank you! Its all been
    MY pleasure. Stars back to you from my island Birthday retreat.

  2. Here. Here. Definitely the worlds best Mom. Thank you for all of the loads of laundry, dinners, packed lunches, rides to (insert name of a million places), broken heart counseling, standing by us no matter what, bailing us out, protecting us, treasuring us, and loving all who we love. You are amazing and I'm so lucky to have you to learn from.

  3. Stars, oneness, peace and all my love to you mother. Words will never express what you mean to us but your heart is open and you will always know. adam

  4. Thank you Dear One. The learning and loving goes both ways!

  5. Happy Birthday Angela, You are the best Mom in the world! I will always remember and always be thankful for the time when you took me in and treated me like your own. Have a great birthday. Love from the Simko's

  6. Your generosity of spirit inspires me. I am so grateful for your loving kindness. Thank you for being my Mom too! xoxxo Stevie

  7. Wow. This feels great! What super Birthday greetings! Thank you again for ALL the loving thoughts, and the happiness you each bring to my life. I cherish every one of you .

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