International Driving Permit Secured

Preparations continue as our countdown for departure gets closer and closer. I’ve secured my International Drivers Permit. These are not required, but can make life easier in some countries, especially in South America. Uruguay actually requires one. We have so much to do in the next 3 weeks. The reality is starting to set in on us. We’re crossing the border and won’t be coming back to the USA for quite a while. We’re both shaking with anticipation as we plan and execute the last minute details. Having done trips all over the world, it is dawning on me that this is the biggest logistical challenge I’ve faced, especially when it comes to taking Kiki. Stevie has done an amazing job collecting all the forms and info we’ll need to get her into every country though. We still have a huge list, but it’s getting smaller all the time!  TREE

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  1. Alexis Schulman says:

    You guys should look into car insurance too if you haven't already. It's not required either but can save you guys a lot of time, money and possible jail time. Google search Phil's friends dad, who was in mexico spear fishing and ran into trouble because he didn't have insurance and read about his experience. Google search: Will Kitto Mexico he wrote his story for AAA. It's crazy.


    It was a great story. I hope you guys don't have any problems while you're adventuring.

  3. Umm, HELLO! Did I say Stevie was driving? No. We will be fine. Don't worry. 🙂

  4. Ive seen the way you back that van up. Its our latino friends that need to be careful of you.. HEY MEXICO WATCH OUT FOR TREEVIE!

  5. I agree with Simko …..pedestrians and small cars beware. There should caution tape wrapping the sprinter up tight.

  6. Hey Simko, didn't you actually teach my sister how to drive? Oh yeah, that was a losing proposition!

  7. just a suggestion! says:

    maybe kiki could drive? ….. make the world a little safer ….

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