Orange County? They should call it RED County!

That’s right, we’re hanging out in the OC, just trying to keep a low-pro. We’re not sure, but it feels like we’re being watched all the time. I put a gag-order on Stevie’s radical left-wing rhetoric. We’ve already had one “incident” at the San Clemente Starbucks and lets not even talk about the episode at the gym. Kiki is the only minority for miles, so we keep a very close eye on her at all times. I thought I would at least feel safe in the surf line-up, but nine to eleven year old kids continue to punt arial 360s over my head while I paddle out. I’m not sure, but they appear to be trying to slice me in half with their fins. Maybe T-street is a locals-only spot and I should go back to Trestles. After this town, Mexico is going to feel safe. No joke, we’re just trying to survive here.

Over and out – TREE

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  1. When we were hanging out in Encinitas last winter, we were continuously surprised by how incredibly nice everyone was. We were so impressed that we invented our own adjective: "Encinitas-nice" to mean more than just nice.

    We have now been in San Clemente for a couple weeks, and, once again, we feel inspired! Our new adjective is "San Clemente-Creepy" to mean more, way more, than just creepy.

  2. Tom from CO says:

    Hey, you think it's red out there! you should come visit colorado! Although you guys did have Nixon and Regan!

  3. Holy scary batman. It really crazy how crazy can get. I'm in a nice bubble of likeness here where people know the left way is the right way. Tg.

  4. Damn right Indra. The NW is cool, green, and the nicest leftest place left in this craaaaaazy world.

  5. Alexis Schulman says:

    I like Guns. 🙂

  6. I like republican beer and how much libs can spend other peoples $$$

  7. Simko, I will deliver you 100 pesos, si?

  8. A bottle of red and a good bonfire at Sano will cure those uptight SC blues.

  9. C'mon Indra what did you say, I can take it. Its the internet, it doesn't really mean anything. Besides I got 100 Pesos from Tree today and he did my dishes! Good form Amigo.

  10. @Simko- I asked what the heck happened to you. 😉
    I guess we should've known early on given ur affinity for snuff and cheap beer even back in the day. <3

  11. STOP IT!!! EVERYONE JUST STOP IT. My best friend is not a republican. I saw an Obama sticker on his dryer when he let me do his laundry yesterday. And when I was washing his dirty dishes I noticed he recycles. This guy is left of Ted Kennedy. Yeah, sure, he is exploiting a Mexican, a Sicilian immigrate, and an African American dog by trading hard domestic labor for a 6×20 parking spot in the the driveway, but thats a different issue.

  12. where is your rainbow sticker hippie?

    -chris and paypay 🙂

  13. Settle down all you Audi driving tree huggers. Here in socal we love the environment just as much as you do. Thats why we import all the fresh water from the entire western United States so we can water our lawns. And have you played a round on one of our beautiful nature preserve err I mean golf courses? Please…

  14. Alexis Schulman says:

    LOL. More like Prius driving, overly judgmental, preachy-tree huggers.

  15. What is the FU@# is wrong with a Tree hugger? Common people? Hug a damn Tree.

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