We’re MEXICANS! Well, for a while anyway…

We just officially secured 6 month visa cards for Mexico. I’m not sure we’ll be there that long, but that will sure give us plenty of time to drink tequila and surf the waves of the Pacific coast before heading into Guatemala! We also heeded the advice of many friends and we bought the best auto insurance available for the Sprinter. Our new friend Carol from Discover Baja Travel Club totally dialed us in with everything we need, plus gave us a TON of beta on where to stay. We are now also card carrying members of the Discover Baja Travel Club by the way!  We asked Carol what she thought about the safety in Mexico. She has traveled ALL over Mexico and the world in the last 35 years with her family. She and her husband had actually just dropped their twenty-something year old son off at a BUS STATION in Tijuana!!! From there he plans to bus it to Costa Rica. She gave us great advice. Like us, Carol believes that there are dangerous places anywhere you go, including the United States. She encouraged common sense, good planning, and an open heart. The universe will take care of the rest. I really liked that advice. Perspective is a funny and a powerful thing. Thanks Carol. You’re the best.  TREE

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'd like to drop you off at a tijuana bus station with your new folding bike. Don't worry, you will have the universe on your side.

  2. I will be just fine ho-cake! Just make sure you leave me with my 3 million volt stun gun, my triple action 15ft radius mace canister, and Kiki. And the universe.

  3. Exciting! We always ask for the longest visa available; just to be safe. You gotta go to know! Right? And it is always better to leave when you're ready, not because you're out of time.

    We'll be following your blog vigilantly. We can't wait to read about all of your adventures.

    Keep you eyes, heart and minds open,

  4. Anonymous says:

    One more thing: don't keep more $ in your pocket than you're willing to hand over to the police (especially in Peru) and take a few 'spare licenses' laminated colored copies of the original. Our friends who spent a year driving SA never handed over their real license to the cops. This may or may not be good advice, you'll have to decide.

    Have an absolute blast. We'll be sending you love along the way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The coded message was missing one sentence, I will carry you in my heart, you might die, I love you then the squeezzzzzzzze.

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