2 Weeks In, Life is good

Well, we’ve been South of the border now for 2 weeks and we’ve found quite a rhythm.  Everyone seems to love it. Stevie loves the warm weather and practicing her Spanish with the locals. Kiki LOVES being able to go anywhere we go, off leash. I love the warm water surfing and abundance of Tecate, which I’ve adopted as my primary hydration source. I now use water only as a supplement (Stevie does not agree with this). We’ve been living off the grid for 2-3 days at a time, doing the “urban bivy”. We follow those days with a night in an RV Park or Hotel. These range between $15-$25 per night and offer internet, laundry, and hot showers. We’ve been cooking most of our meals, not because the food is expensive but because we’re trying to eat healthy.

Over-all, here is what our Mexican lifestyle is running on average…
$11.79 – Food per day per person
$13.18 – Lodging for entire family per night
$14.01 – Gas per day (1496 miles traveled)

The things we love most so far include…
1) Ability to openly drink alcohol on the beach without having to hide or worry about a $250 ticket
2) Ability to take Kiki on the beach without having to hide or worry about a $400 ticket
3) Tacos and real salsa. Good Tequila and Tecate
4) Warm weather and ocean temps
5) Surfing in board shorts surrounded by Mexicans
6) Meeting Ex-Pats who love to travel as much as we do

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  1. Since you went south, whenever we talk on Skype you look so absolutely HAPPY! I'm so glad for all of you. Making your dreams come true.

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