Congratulations Mike and Lisa Lorenzo!

Stevie, Kiki and I wish you guys a long and happy life. We love you both so much! Your wedding was absolutely beautiful. The bride was glowing and Mikie was just himself, with that big F-ing grin on his face. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. We’ll see you guys in a couple few years! Adios – TREE, STEVIE, KIKI

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  1. Little Lava says:

    YES! Love! Stellar! Stoked! Beautiful!

  2. Happiness IS Beautiful. Your turn is coming, on some magical beach or mountaintop! We all send our love with you on your journey.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tree, I'm sure that you did not say"Lava" once during Mike's Big day……….

    I hope all is well, I miss you and Stevie, especially Stevie.


  4. says:

    I'm bummed that missed. I mean when is my next opportunity to eat stevie's face going to be.

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