New Friends in Cabo

We’ve been fortunate to meet two new wonderful people here in Cabo. Miranda is an Ex-Pat from San Francisco and her Husband Miguel is from Mexico City. 

Miranda and Stevie have a girlfriend in common back in the States, and that was our connection to them. Yesterday I took Miguel surfing for his first time ever and he did amazing! He followed me right out to the line-up, way outside the break. At first he was nervous but after a while he settled right in. I would have been nervous too paddling a board covered in flowers, but it was the only board we had for him and he rocked it like a star! 

He and I had a blast paddling around while the ladies kicked it on the beach with the dogs. Afterwards we hit up a locals taco shop that blew our minds! The best we’ve had in Mexico for sure. Miguel has been helping us practice spanish as well.  My favorite new word… “Relajate”. TREE

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  1. So what does "Relajate" Mean?

  2. Relax, Amigo!

  3. I think that dudes tattoo says "Bad Mother Fu*ker" Thats why he can pull off a pink flower board.

  4. Alexis schulman says:

    I think his tatoos say "me gusta tecate"

  5. From Mexico City… Humm… I'm gonna go with "Bad Muther Fu*cker"

  6. He can drink the hell out of Havana Club, I'll tell you that. TREE

  7. says:

    Don't forget who your prodigy student is.

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