Rockin Cabo and its Bueno

Miguel and Miranda have an extra studio room and they’ve opened up their home to us, so we’re gonna hang here for a bit. It’s totally bad ass because they live outside Cabo in an all-Mexican neighborhood. We love it. Last night Miguel cooked up pollo con chili from scratch, and we drank beer, wine, and Havana Club Rum! Their house is currently under construction. Miguel bought the dirt lot and has been building the house piece by piece over the last couple years. The construction is concrete and takes a ton of work and time. They’ve done all of it themselves with the help of a couple friends. Inside they’ve decorated the walls with their own artwork, and outside graffiti art covers several of the walls. It’s legit. 
Our plan is to stay here another week. The surf has been great, so we will exercise family rule #7, “Never leave waves to look for waves“. There is internet so we can work, and now we have new friends to hang out with. After a week we’ll head back up to La Paz to see my Mom. She’ll be there on vacation. Then it’s on to the ferry and off to the mainland. Word. Out. TREE

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  1. I love the build as you can afford system. Do you think we (USA) have anyting to learn from this? Tree I hope you arent getting to much shit in the all mexican hood. How do they feel about a mexican gringo whos italian fiance speaks the spanish in the family.

  2. It's the Mexican way: tu esposa will do it.

  3. I haven't been getting too much shit. I just keep my mouth shut and let Stevie do the talking. We do better that way. tree

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are you helping them build their house?

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