Sprinter Life

It’s been about 1 year since Stevie and I moved out of the studio in Venice and started living in the Sprinter full time. So many people ask us how we manage to live in such a tiny space without killing each other. Living in a van certainly isn’t for everyone, but we absolutely love it and can’t image living any other way. One night we live in a San Diego zip code, the next night our front yard view is Baja Mexico. That’s the trade off. We don’t own couches, stereo systems or TVs. No coffee tables or lawn mowers. We’re light. Everything we own is in the van and we can move the van anywhere. That’s the dream of Sprinter-Life.
We also estimate that, despite my bad surf board habit, we’ve reduced our overall carbon footprint for a 2-person household by up to 50%. We consume less of everything from electricity to disposables. We run on solar power and propane. We don’t use a lot of water or heat/cool a big living space. What about gas? You would think we burn more fossil fuels by living in a van, but the truth is we drive far less actual miles than we ever did living in LA. Stevie use to drive 2 hours a day to and from school! When they say, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” we’ve got the first one nailed. 
Here are some stats on our home…
216 Square Feet including Roof Rack
132 Square Feet without Roof Rack
108 Square Feet of actual living space
Fuel – Diesel, receiving 21+ MPG
Power – 3×5 solar panel on the roof powers all systems
Stove – Propane 2 burner
Refrigerator – Runs on either propane or electric
Water – 2 holding tanks, 30 gallons of available water
Heat – Temperature controlled gas powered furnace 
AirCon – 2 Temperature controlled ceiling fans in the roof
Bed – Queen size Tempurpedic w/ Down Comforter
Kiki Bed – Lg Trail-pro Thermarest w/ Fleece Sheet
Shower – 1 hot and 1 cold water shower off the back of the van
Toilet – Public only

Under the bed is where we have the majority of our storage. We can fit 7 short boards, 2 bikes, 4 fold-up chairs, 2 hammocks, 1 tool kit. We also have 2 showers that are accessible. These are great for rinsing off after surfing. If we need a real shower we go to a campground, YMCA, fitness club, or hotel. But real showers are only needed 1-2 times per week when you’re in the ocean everyday (Stevie does not agree with this)

This roof rack is one of the best investments we’ve made. We’re able to move the long surf boards out of the van and store them on top. Inside the Silver box we have spare van parts including windshield wipers, fuel/oil/air filters, radiator hoses, headlights, tail lights, etc. Also Scuba gear, a shovel, repair kit, and luggage for flying home. We also have a platform for watching sunsets. 

Stevie is often forced out of her seat by my co-pilot

We’re able to store several days worth of food in our small fridge. Above that we have a 2 burner stove that Stevie cooks on.  Next to that we’ve got a big sink with hot/cold  water for washing dishes, brushing teeth, etc.

Our wall of pictures and of course our pan-american map.
Wouldn’t want to get lost out here!
Kiki has a nice little cave to call her own.
She loves this space.
Surrounding the inside of the cabin we have drawers
and a closet for clothing and other storage
Yes, it’s a queen.
Oh, the bed is too.
Stevie’s shoe rack and other storage areas.

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  1. A.MAZ.ING.
    Finally we get a tour of the Sprinter!!! It's incredible how organized everything is… and how many little spots you have to store stuff. That is truly incredible!!!! I'll stop bitching about my 2 shoe trees and my 2 boot bins……

  2. Ruin Running says:

    Wow…….. You guys did a great job setting the Sprinter up. I to have become quite the expedition vehicle fan, yours takes the cake. Again great job and safe travels.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us. I was curious how it all sorted out. In your upcoming book, "Sprinter Life", you will have put in several chapters on "Organizing your Van for your A.MAZ.ING Life-Journey". Obviously, you are already destined to become FA.MOUS for all the advantageous tips and vital advice that you are going to share with all of us future NOMADS!

    Love you,

  4. Alexis Schulman says:

    It would be funny if your toilet was "For Customers Only"

  5. Anonymous says:

    Guys, if you have not done so yet, go to antilosta.com and use the free service to label all your valuables especially the crucial ones like passports, credit cards if you still have any, laptop, cameras, phones, etc, this can make the difference between getting your lost valuables back and not, considering that there are more decent people in the world then not.

    I envy you, I wish I could find my way at the age of 61 to such freedom too, stay safe, be smart, and take good care of each other and yourselves out there.

  6. What roof rack is that?

  7. hi guys where did you find that roof rack? make?

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