Vaccination Day

My friend Amanto once summed me up in one sentence. He said, “You know Tree… you’re kinda tough“. Honestly, nobody could have said it better or more accurately. I have no problem spending days solo-climbing a big wall in Yosemite, in the rain. Surf with a broken sternum? No problem. Sign me up. But take away my wet wipes and shits gonna go down. And did I mention that the sight of a needle makes me weak in the knees? Get it? I’m kinda tough.

Kiki got her vaccinations a couple weeks ago. Stevie did hers last week. Me? I waited until the very last minute. It’s not just my fear of needles that kept me away. There’s something fundamentally wrong about paying someone $450 to pump you full of nasty diseases like Yellow Fever, Hep A, Tetanus, and Typhoid. For the record, I didn’t actually cry. My eyes were misty from allergies. And just so you know, the nurse said she gives every patient an ice pack and reclining chair. The only special treatment I got was the red lollipop after my visit. I’ll admit, the sign did say “for children only“, but I don’t generally subscribe to age discrimination, especially after paying to suffer horribly. TREE

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Son, you are one tough Jose. I would take the trip without any shots.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You didn't mention your reaction to blood. Or when you stub your toe. Hangnails are often a noisy event. And omg- if you get a cramp. Maybe south of the border will toughen you up from kinda to almost. 😉
    Love ya!

  3. Alexis Schulman says:

    Good grief. You AND Phil are a bunch of sissies. I get blood taken every freaking month since July because of my stupid thyroid. Phil can't even sit through a tv show if it has blood in it, and almost fainted when someone gave themselves an insulin injection next to him. A lil thing called "maning up" sheesh. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Are your arms sore today? cheryll

  5. Did you get your flu shot?

  6. I did get my flu shot last week. My arms are sore. Stevie has been taking good care of me and pampering me along. I'm gonna make it everyone. But just barely.

  7. reagan gagnon says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmaybe next time i can do the sticking? i mean, im almost a nurse, and i know that tree and i have resolved our differences, but i do love to see a mountain man flinch, squirm, and cry. just kidding. 🙂 next time,if you're getting more than one shot, tell 'em to put 'em in your leg. trust me, it actually hurts less-more meat, less nerves. glad you survived it. when does stevie go? we know she doesn't flinch at needles. a sad commercial- yes. a mighty 19 gauge needle, no.

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