Where to put the surf boards? Packing Day in SD

Yesterday was packing day. We completely emptied the van into the Simko’s driveway. Then we pulled out all the new things we’ve purchased for the trip, like the bikes and new surf boards. It looked like a gigantic yard sale. At first I really questioned our ability to fit everything back in the van, but we somehow managed to get it all stuffed. The van is by far the fullest that it’s ever been. The water tanks are full. The gas tank is full. The food is stocked. We’re ready, for real, finally!

But we don’t cross until Monday morning. So in a couple hours we’ll head to the airport in San Diego and fly to Vegas for the weekend. Every grand adventure should start in Las Vegas. We’ve got reservations at the Bellagio for dinner tonight, and Saturday we’ll attend Lorenzo’s wedding. I personally plan to go really big this weekend. Viva Las Vegas. TREE

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