Adios Baja

Today was our last day in Baja. We hung out on the beach with Mom and John and drank way too many beers. They talked politics for hours, which is what happens when you put my Mom and Stevie in the same room. I’m confident they solved all of the worlds problems over Pacificos and fish tacos. We simply need to appoint them “supreme rulers of the universe” for 1 month and the force will come back into balance. I may have to give up my stun gun, but in the new utopia I apparently won’t have any use for it. Plus Kiki (and every other dog in the world) will gain the inalienable right to vitamin fortified high protein gucci dog food.
Tonight we’ll board the Ferry and 12 hours later we will arrive in Mazetlan. From there we will drive 7 hours south to the small surfing town of Sayulita where we plan to spend the next month. We’ve enrolled in a 4 week language school there so our spanish should be taking a serious jump soon. We’ve also signed up with PeaceMexico and will be doing volunteer work with the mexicans in the area. That, plus working on Outdoorplay should keep me plenty busy. Should be good times. ROGER… OVER… OUT – TREE

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  1. Oh how I will miss you my beloved children! My your trip be safe and filled with wonder. May you continue to share your loving hearts with others. May you be Happy.
    I love you.

  2. be really careful driving through sinaloa. seriously, thats a hot spot. A friend of mine sirfed there last year and had some problems…

  3. They just got there OK, driving straight through. All is well. Cant wait to hear the story!

  4. Just heard the story on all those religious objects of different faiths at La Concha Hotel in La Paz. . . turns out the two owners of the place come from different cultures. One is Buddhist and the other Christian, but both very open. So decided to have sculptures of all faiths there to honor beliefs of all. If only everyone was so accepting!

    Today there is a wedding at La Concha – the place is lovely with white chiffon curtains blowing everywhere in the breezes, and happy Mexican families laughing and celebrating in every corner. We are invited! Yay! Wish you were still here.
    Love mom

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