Daily Life In Sayulita

On our first day here in Sayulita we met a great new friend. His name is Eddy, and he used to work in this neighborhood before he got laid off. I had asked for his help fixing a broken door in our cabin, and he proceeded to use my tools to fix it. (See Simko, I told you someone would use those tools!). Eddy speaks ZERO english, so as he worked, we spoke in spanish. He is a surfer but he broke his board 8 months ago and had not been in the water since. He thinks it will take a total of about a year to save enough money to buy another board, but that was before he got laid off. Now he’s not sure. I invited him to go surfing with me for the day and use one of my boards. His eyes got huge and an ear-to-ear smile crossed his face as he said “Si!”. We’ve been surfing together every morning since.  At around 7:30am Eddy shows up for coffee. Each morning starts with a french press of dark roast and a half hour of spanish practice. From there we hit up one of the local breaks. He really knows how to avoid the crowds. So far we’ve surfed completely alone all week! Not bad considering we’re passing spots that have 10-15 gringos fighting for waves! The waves have been small this week but they’re supposed to get big this weekend with a new NW swell. We’re also talking about a couple road trips to the north and the south maybe next week. I think he and I are both tstoked to have met. TREE

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  1. It seems the mantra "Be Kind to Others" has turned into a "way of life" for you – and it ALWAYS seems to give back good things!

  2. looks like kiki want to try surfing???

  3. What Mom said…… As I continue to reflect on Stevie's previous post (damn it), my anxiety decreases ever so slightly when I think of the human spirit and the compassion and kindness we are capable of. By simply being kind, and good, and generous, we can affect a life, and be affected…. forever. It is an amazing start. I love how your life down there is a testament to this purity and power.

  4. Is the surfing there really that crowded this time of year? Thats a lot of people for November…

  5. Well done, well done. Its nice to know that someone other than Stevie will be using those tools. Im both happy and jealous that you found a new surfing partner. Is Eddy more fun to surf with than me? Does he splash you in the line up? I doubt it.

  6. nobody splashes like you johnny…

  7. Dude, what you're doing is so fucking sick. I am so proud and happy for you. I found out that you guys were engaged by reading back through the older posts. Congrats. Peace. ~Sam

  8. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Thanks Sammy! Miss you buddy. It's all in the stoke with….

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