Goodbye Dear Friends, Goodbye Cabo

Cabo treated us so well for the last 2 weeks, but now its time to move on. Today we’ll tear the van apart, wash it inside and out, do laundry, and then start working our way around the east cape of Baja and back up towards La Paz where our ferry ride to the mainland awaits.

Our last night with Miguel and Miranda was top notch. Miguel made a sushi dinner that blew us away! We drank Tequila and played games. Miguel studied the map of mainland mexico with me offering safety suggestions on where to go, and not to go. He did not seem to think that we would have any problems with the Cartels, and he would know. His biggest concern was simply the distance we’re driving and why. He said, “ohhh Pincha Tree, you have a long way to go bro, you loco man, you just stay aqui”.

This morning Miguel gave us a special piece of art work that he made for the van. It was covered with protective signs to ensure our safe journey. It was bad ass. One of the things that we love most about our nomadic lifestyle is all the wonderful people we meet. Miguel and Miranda were two people we will keep close in our hearts. Thank you. We love you guys. TREE

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  1. four of my most loved people on the planet. awe it hurts my heart to be so far from all of you. those faces! i want to eat them! please come to maine. i know it's cold here, but we'll turn the heat up to 80, and the waves PUMP here in the winter. love to all of you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What's "Pincha" Tree?

  3. Alexis Schulman says:

    "fucking" not as the verb but the adjective.

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