Kiki does hard time in Mexico

The Ferry ride over to Mazatlan was easy sailing. It’s a modern ferry with all the amenities. We made a good decision and invested $64 for a private cabin. We had 2 beds, a bathroom, and a hot shower. Unfortunately they wouldn’t allow Kiki in our room. She had to be caged with the other animals, of which kiki does not believe she is. If you know Kiki then you know the serious trauma she believes she incurred during her 14.5 hour lockup. We did manage to smuggle her out and walk the deck 4 times over the course of the trip. We only got caught once and the guard was a real asshole. He was acting like the gringo gang was pulling the heist of the century by busting our 3rd Musketeer outta jail. I thought he was going to throw us all in the hole. As he was walking Kiki back to her jail cell I took the opportunity to practice my Spanish and said… “Cuidado Senor, ella muerde Policia!”

The drive to Sayulita was semi gripping but not too bad. Driving the Sprinter in the Mainland requires more focus for sure. The drivers are more aggressive and the roads are tight. Plus there are NO street signs, something you never notice when you fly in as a tourist and take a taxi cab or bus. We only took one wrong turn in Mazetlan and ended up in a barrio, but it worked out and we ended up on the cuota (toll road) after a couple miles. We listened to spanish CDs for 7 hours until we reached our destination. TREE 

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  1. what does this mean…
    ella muerde Policia

  2. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    She bites police 🙂

  3. Never NEVER be a smart-alec with Mexican police. It may wind YOU up in a jail-cell — and Kiki can{t bust YOU out!

  4. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    I don't think you could call him "Mexican police" Mom. I just didn't know the spanish translation of "rent-a-cop" or "mall-security". tree

  5. Hey, how did you know it was me? 🙂
    Still, be very very polite with "Authoritarians Who Can Arrest You". They could take your van, your girl, your dog, everything – and throw you AWAY. Scares me to death . . .

  6. I have to agree with your mamasuya. Keep it clean and respectful down there Mister! Poor Kiki!! I can just imagine how she felt about being incarcerated. I'm so glad you are safely in Sayulita. Enjoy!

  7. says:

    Guys welcome to the rest of your trip. The road; only going to get scetchier. The signs; only going to become less existant, if your lucky. If our unlucky they will be miss directing. Remember tree, the climber trail has a scent as does the latin american road. You will have to learn to smell south.
    Dragon out.
    Where are you guys going to be in May?

  8. Alexis Schulman says:

    Pinche boat people! Poor Kiki. I miss Kiki!!!

  9. the horror…has kiki forgiven you yet? i dont think she can understand that it was the policia, not you, that stuck her in the brig for 14 hours. that girl can sulk, and pout with the best of them. i hope you brought lots of chicken treats to win her love back.

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