Livin la vida

We’ve got a smooth daily routine going here in the Mexican state of Nayarit. In the mornings we drive to Punta Mita to surf. After that we come back and I work while Stevie writes. Kiki and Stevie usually take an afternoon siesta before we head off to Spanish class. We’ll usually grab a couple pescado tacos on the way to school. After class I always go looking for the guy who sells frosted pastries out of the back of his truck. This can take between 5-55 minutes due to the fact that this guy likes to move his damn truck every half hour. You never know where he is gonna be. In the evenings Stevie sips 100 anos Tequila while cooking dinner and I try to catch up to her in Spanish. The next day… repeat. I could do this for a while! Right now we plan to stay here until December 18th. After that we’ll head down to the State of Colima to look for more surf. From there we’re going inland to Mexcio City. Not sure where we’ll be for Christmas and New Years. Too soon to tell!  Our original plan was to blow through Mexico in a couple weeks, but now it looks like we’ll be here at least a couple months. This country is just too cool. We do, however, have a large distance to travel before we reach South America, so our goal is to cross into Belize by the end of January. For now we’re enjoying this amazing country! TREE

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  1. Dudes! Miss you guys. Love the hammock chair! We are about to watch a slide show of our Grand trip. That's right. Slides. Old school- on the living room wall -cuz Corby's is legit even tho I teased him the whole time for having slide film. Wine is poured. Lava is nestled. Cheers you two!
    molls, lava and corb 🙂

  2. Ah, you live the GOOD LIFE! We head home from vacationing in Mazatlan in two days and Im already missing the warm sun and waves! (I hear its snowing in Washington!)

    You said you want me to send you a care package from home, right? (- homemade granola, dark chocolate, coffee)? Well, can you please package up that lovely sunshine and warm air from Mexico and send it home to US?!

  3. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    YES, please send us chocolate! I'll email you instructions tonight on where to send stuff. love you tree

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