The Baja California

On the road again… my calling, my passion, my way of living life. 

From Cabo San Lucas we travel east to San Jose Cabo. But before shooting north to La Paz we decided to stay 1 more night on the Cape. This morning I surfed at “The Rock”, a sharp and shallow but manageable right point break. Stevie and Kiki sat under an umbrella on the beach studying spanish while a single Mexican surfer and I traded glassy wave after glassy wave for hours. In between sets we practiced our language skills, he in english and I in spanish.
When we left the US we honestly hadn’t thought much about Baja. It was the road to the ferry which would take us to mainland Mexico. We had only planned to be in Baja for 1-2 weeks, max. We’ve now been here for 1 month and we’ve fallen in love with the this peninsula. We opened our hearts and minds and saw the people, the desert, the food, the water, the energy… they are all magic.

We’re glad that we took our time to get to know the Baja. TREE

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  1. I am glad you opened your heart to the Baja and was able to see it's beauty. Wee miss you guys already and can't wait to meet again, Cuba?
    P.S. Thomas is so depressed, jajajaa

  2. The photos are so incredibly beautiful. And so are your hearts – so open, so beautiful.

  3. I have found that there is no way to explain Baja to someone who has not done
    Baja. It is a wondrous peninsula and we are so lucky to have it so close to the U.S. I am so happy you love it.

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