We Are an Equal Opportunity Family

Stevie is an amazing cook and therefore does all the grocery shopping and meal preparation for our family. Although I accompany her into the grocery store, I usually get lost in the panaderia where I buy and eat 3-4 pastries each visit. My family responsibilities are simple. In addition to doing all the driving (my big claim to fame), my chores consist of washing all things related to family life. This includes but is not limited to the van, the dishes, the laundry, and the Perro. These tasks vary in difficulty depending on our location. For instance, in the US you may find me at the back of the laundromat trying to go unnoticed as I perfect the art of folding women’s underwear without being seen. But here in Mexico I simply walk our bag of clothes to the lavanderia. When I return a few hours later the clothes are nicley folded and wrapped in plastic bags, all for a few pesos.

Other jobs in Mexico are not so easy. Washing the van for instance is a breeze in the states. The hoses at the car wash shoot out hundreds of gallons of fresh h2o every minute. You just aim-n-shoot and the dirt disintegrates before your eyes. But here in Mexico the water hoses resemble something you’d use in a kitchen sink. The whopping 0.2 PSI doesn’t shoot, it dribbles.
And then theres the Perro! Back in the good-ole USA we’d drop Kiki off at the groomers. A couple hours later she’d have a pretty bow in her fur and she’d smell like roses. We’ve been in Mexico almost 2 months and there hasn’t been a groomer in sight. Kiki was getting smelly, even by my standards. After Stevie begged and pleaded for a week, I finally caved. Despite the fact that Kiki HATES water, I think it went pretty darn well. I actually think she enjoyed it. She’s not really talking to me right now, but I’m sure that’s what she’s thinking. OVER AND OUT – TREE

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  1. Are you smuggling a black caterpillar under your nose?

  2. I am a friend of Drew's girlfriend Marion. I just enjoyed Thanksgiving with them at Stevie's old place with Cindy and the bunch all of whom know you two. I will be in Sayulita by the 11th I hope. driving. would love to meet the two of you. Have heard great things about you. I will be there for a month! Oh….my name is Dionne dionne@thewahineproject.org

  3. Its cool that you two divide up the labor in such an eclectic mix of traditional and modern "assignments". Stevie is a FABULOUS cook, and I admire that Tree stepped up to the plate and took over the dish-washing in appreciation. Yay Tree!

  4. Alexis Schulman says:

    Lol poor Kiki

  5. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Hi Dionne,
    We'd love to hook up with you. We'll email you. Cheers

  6. Stevie, Tree, and Kiki says:

    Hey Simko,
    don't be a hater. I have the thickest goatee in Mexico. That's why I came down here. TREE
    PS – have you tried Nair on your legs? It might work better for you. I imagine those razors are getting expensive.

  7. Tree I barely recognize you with that beard! Looks good dude.

  8. Ooohhhhh its a beard, I thought some of Kikis' hair was stuck to your lip. Lookin' good dude, really blending in. The hair on my legs (or lack of) makes me fast, you know that.

  9. Miranda & Miguel says:

    Most Vets will do grooming also, try that and then Kiki can be mad at a stranger…

  10. Miranda & Miguel says:

    Most Vets will do grooming also, try that and then Kiki can be mad at a stranger…

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