Adios Sayulita

We’ve been here for 5 weeks. We’ve enjoyed the hang, the people, the food, the packs of wild dogs, the great energy, the tequila bar, the roosters, and the occasional ola (wave). Its time to get back on the road, and we’re ready.

Where we go from here… During the next month we’ll meander our way south through Mexico looking for surf and exploring the Mayan ruins and Colonial villages. We’ve considered the road conditions and the hazards. Our planned route through the rest of Mexico will go something like this….

Sayulita to Vallarta to Colima to Guadalajara to Tequila to Mexico City to Cuernavaca  to Acapulco to Escondido to Oaxaca  to San Cristobal to Palenque to Chetumal to Cross border into Belize

We’ll hope to cross the border into Belize sometime at the end of January. We’ll spend February and March working our way through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Looking back its funny that we originally planned only 2-3 weeks to travel Mexico. This country is way too cool to drive straight through. I’ve done plenty of vacations to Mexico in my life, but until you drive it you don’t realize what a gem it really is. Below is our Mexico route. Blue is what we’ve done, Red is whats coming in the next month – TREE


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  1. Que les vaya bien. Vayan con Dios.!
    Con mucho amor,

  2. Hi Tree and Stevie.
    Love reading your blog, I'm a loyal subscriber! I am working on a little project I'm hoping you two might be interested in contributing to. It involves cooking and the nomadic way…I hear Stevie is quite the gourmand and would love to talk with her about cooking in the van.
    Hope you're well, Happy Holidays to you!
    Val Vanderpool

  3. Hey Val! Great to hear from you. It's been a long time. That's awesome that you know about our blog. thanks for following.
    Stevie is an amazing cook and she has been mastering gourmet meals on the road. I'm sure she'd love to chat with you. We're on email and skype. Drop us an email here and give us your email address!

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