Happy Birthday Stevie!!!

Today is my favorite day of the whole year! December 16th. The day my wonderful beautiful woman was born. 

Happy birthday my sweet lover. 

Kiki and I love you sooooo much! We have some great surprises for you today.

xoxox TREE

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  1. I love you mommy. Thank you for making my lump every morning. Thanks you for walking me and brushing me and keeping me safe from scary mexican dogs. Happy birthday. ruff ruff. xoxoxox KIKI

  2. Happy Birthday Stevie. Hoping we'll se you this winter down south somewhere.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear, only wish Diane and I could be there to celebrate with you. But we will do the next best thing. We are in Slidell Lo., 20 min. from New Orleans, and will visit Bourbon Street today and celebrate your B-Day! Love you, miss you and wish you a GRAND DAY.


  4. Happy 24th birthday Stevie!
    Boy, if Tree hadn't got to you first I would have turned in my republican wings and took a run at ya! Thats right girl, I'd go blue for you. Have a great day.

  5. Happy Birthday Stevie from the Simkos and an extra big hug from the Kayden and Avary.

  6. Happy Happy BD to you, Stevie!!!!What a great day to be born!!You are a very special person, Stevie. With that said we will go celebrate in honor of you at the Tequila bar on Bourbon St…hugs&love:-)Diane

  7. Happy birthday lady. I love and miss you both. Have an amazing day! Adam

  8. Happy Birthday!
    Aloha, Little lava

  9. Hey there Stevie,
    Happy birthday and keep interacting with the natives, it is one great way to get into their hearts!
    Asta from dark and gray Oregon,

  10. Have a wonderful birthday, Stevie! I miss you:) Love you, cheryll

  11. www.elpotrerochico.com.mx says:

    I remember when we first met. You fed me grey goose and red bull, talked to me about punk rock, tom robins and existentialism . I wondered "who was this bohemian with my quite climbing partner." I glad that I know now. I'm glad that you were born. Feliz Cumpleanos amiga.


  12. Stevie,
    You are a song in the heart of the world –
    –a bright shining star full of happy energy and joyous curiosity, which you share generously with all who know you.
    I love you dearly. Happiness today and always,

  13. Happy Birthday! You are one of the most precious gifts this world has to give. I luvva yew to muchie! Cyndi Lou

  14. My darling… first of all, hopefully you are way past the grey goose (which should be drinken in it's purest form…. straight on the rocks) with red bull. Fingers crossed.

    Secondly, we are so blessed to have you as part of our family. Your joy, enthusiasm and compassion bring so much to our collective experience. And I am so grateful for the compansionship, love and support you give to my beloved brother.

    May you have an amazing day full of happiness and suprises.
    much love- Sis

  15. Happy Birthday to my most Favorite person in the whole world!!! I miss you and love you and i cant wait to see you!!! I hope your day is fantastic!!! MWAH!!!!

  16. I love youuuuu!!!!! Happy Birthdayyy!!! 🙂

  17. We love you Stevie!! Little Lava sends you a giant kiss!!! May this this year bringvyou all the things that make you happy :)))) Xoxo Lava's MAMA

  18. Happy Birthday to you Stevie! I love you! Candy

  19. Happy Birthday Stevie, I'm going to drink a shot of Tequila and toast your special day.Weeeew, that was gooood!!!! Hope you have a fun, happy, wild, memorable (ie not to much tequila) Birthday. Love ya Debby. Barry said "Down the hatch… He's toasting you too"

  20. Have an amazing birthday . The Lorenzo's miss you guys.

  21. Thank you everyone for such lovely and warm birthday wishes!!!! You all make my life the beautiful blessing that it is…THANK YOU. xoxoxoxo.

  22. Glenn + Corrin says:

    Tree, this made me swoon. It is a joy to read the love you two have for one another. Thank you both for the inspiration.

    Stevie, enjoy your Birthday Week!

  23. happy late late late birthday!!!! im so sorry i missed the real day, but maybe some late birthday cheer will add perk to your unbirthday? it seems i was a bit self-absorbed in the last haul of school. 🙁 i owe you a cut up rock n roll tee, which i will be trolling for today. once i find it, and cut it into a teeny tiny remnant of a tee, how do i get it to you? all the love in the world dwells in your big heart.

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