…It’s The Life In Your Years

I’ve never been one to like my birthday, but lately, I think the day, or even the whole week, might be improving–and I owe it all to you guys!  You really know how to make me feel loved. Thank you my sweet friends and family.On the home front, Tree and Kiki did an AMAZING job smothering me with extra special attention and fun filled days. To kick off the events,  a couple days ago Tree and I went sailing on a 50ft Trimaran with our neighbor, Captain Darren, and 14 other wild and crazy passengers to an island off the coast of Sayulita.  We started drinking Don Julio at 9:45am, we snorkeled through spooky sea caves, and we saw pods of whales working their magic along the way. It was a pretty spectacular day!

Then, yesterday, Tree and Kiki woke me up with a couple surprises! As you know, our package was detained by customs and all of our edible goodies–coffee, chocolate, granola–were shipped back to the States, so I was NOT expecting what comes next. After waking me up with a million kisses, I got GOURMET french pressed coffee in bed and a bowl of EZEKIEL (my favorite cereal) and fruit. Apparently, after scouring the town the day before, Tree found a specialty store that sold my favorite things! Granted, the cereal was $8/box, but, hey, it was my special day 🙂

The three of us spent the afternoon walking along miles of gorgeous beach on another sunny day, and all I could think was, “I am so blessed!!” When we returned to our little bungalow, I got round two of my surprises which included a gold medal bottle of Chilean cabernet (Terra Mater for my fellow winos that care), sharp Tillamook cheese (another rarity in Mexico), rice crackers, and DARK CHOCOLATE!!!!  I was in heaven. We did wine on the beach like the good ole days, sipped tequila in the plaza like the good new days, ate my favorite Tacos on the Street, and then topped off the night with a piece of dark chocolate mousse cake a la mode.

I like being 35.  Today, I know EXACTLY what matters most to me: being with the people I love, living like a nomad, and savoring the epicurean delicacies of the simple life. -Stevie

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.“-Abraham Lincoln



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  1. Accepting things as they are (Birthday box turned back),
    Feeling gratitude for simple gifts – (sharing, food, love, friends, learning),
    This is Wisdom.
    This brings Happiness.

    You two are Blessed.

  2. Happy Birthday Stevie! Ohh wow … how blessed this world was on this day… the day you came to share more of your amazing spirit. You are the divine form of pay it forward… even in just my direction… I know just the way my heart lights up with a mention of your name has made your love connect with those that haven't even met you! I can see then smile & feel good when either Sean or myself just says 'Stevie!'

    Happy birthday * you are my gift!

    (Way to go Tree! What a doll you are…,& you've got great legs too! I see them, aside from all your cuteness, & think how grateful I am for the healing that has come to those goodlooking legs… especially visualizing you guys walking on the beach!)

    Much much love … light …& awe ..

    Xoxo. Kelly

  3. sooo happy to see you were celebrated and cherished. mwa! and thank you tree for taking the bestest care of her as you wander about the americas.

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