Jocotepec, Jalisco Mexico

We spent Christmas day at a nice little campground in Jocotepec. This little pueblo is located in the state of Jalisco, approximately 40 kilometers south of Guadalajara and at the western end of Lake Chapala. 

We made some great friends here and enjoyed a huge Christmas feast provided by all the RVers. Thanks everyone. It was great spending the day with you. And a special thanks to Ken and Chris. Lets stay in touch. You guys are tops! Merry Christmas. TREE, Stevie, Kiki


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  1. We love you.

  2. Kris and Ken Cardwell says:

    Thank YOU for spending time with us in Roca Azul! We loved meeting the three of you and showing you around Joco. The best part of travel is the people. Stay safe and have a wonderful adventure. You know where we are and have our number…abrazos y que le vaya bien Kris y Ken y Duffie

  3. - Mexican Trailrunner says:

    Yep, great to meet you guys too! Was a good Christmas, it IS about the people! Travel safe, have great fun, and keep blogging so we can follow you.
    PS: My neighbor in San Anselmo, CA was Tree too.

  4. jocotepec es el pueblo mas turistico y bonito con muy buenas costumbres y tradisiones ytiene el lago mas grande de mexico que es el lago de chapala y sus fiestas del senor del monte y del senor del guajito dos santos muy milagrosos que se aparesieron en el pueblo de jocotepec jalisco mexico y me siento muy orgullosa de haberme criado alli que dios los bendiga atodos mis iniciales mlct

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