La Virgen de Guadalupe

Today, December 12th, commemorates the day that La Virgen de Guadalupe fist appeared as a vision to the poor, Indian farmer, Juan Diego, in 1531. She has been revered ever since by every native man, woman, and child as the Queen of Mexico. In fact, to show just how much they love her, the country has been celebrating for the past 12 nights with grand processions that march through the pueblos complete with dancers, floats, fireworks, and fox trotting horses. Thousands of people have been outside enjoying the festivities. I was blessed enough to have our Spanish teacher, Ceci, invite me to join her and some friends on Friday night in Puerto Vallarta to watch the procession, listen to live Cuban music, and eat AMAZING street food (I tried Atole y Coco and Tamales Oaxacanes con Mole, super rico!!!). Tree couldn’t go because the first swell in weeks was coming in, and he wanted to surf the Punta Mita breaks. So, I was on my own for a girls night out!!!  
Picture#1- Azteca dancers performing a traditional routine
Picture #2- A float reenacting Juan Diego’s vision 
Picture #3- Ceci, Christina, me, and Tanya at El Patio (thank you ladies for an awesome night!)
Picture #4 and #5- Cage dancing with balloons (not so virginal, I know)
Picture #6- When I came home the next morning, I found Tree and Eddy in the kitchen COOKING! Maybe Our Lady of Guadalupe really does perform miracles 🙂  -STEVIE

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  1. Now THAT's an idea all couples should practice at least half the time- the guy home cooking while the woman is out on the town partying! Seems fair to me! You two are in the forefront of modern gender equality!

  2. Mom, what are you talking about. Eddy and I were just hungry after surfing for 5 hours straight!

  3. PS… I didn't even ask her about the cage photos. Kiki and I don't want to know.

  4. The fact that you didn't expect her to have dinner ready for you when you got home from surfing is VERY fine. I am happy.

    And to be doubly fair – I'm sure you can dance in a cage any time you want.
    Kiki too!

  5. Ooooooh! I'd pay big money to see that show 🙂

  6. Stevie, lookin hot in the cage- a little possessed, but that's another story.

    Boys will always find, scrounge, beg, borrow or even yes, cook- when hungry enough. Going without is generally not an option. Self preservation is deeply engrained. Sadly, what suffices to achieve preservation isn't often pretty. My hungry man produces wiener wraps and soggy over cooked frozen veggies. But hey, it's one night I'm not behind the stove. And between you and I, I don't dislike them as much as I once did.
    – Sis

  7. cultures that respect female deities rock !

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