Postal RAGE!!!!!

Thank you Mom, Sis, and Cheryll for the generous christmas presents you rushed to Outdoorplay so that they would be included in the single package of mail sent to us via DHL Express. We were really looking forward to enjoying those chocolate bars, homemade granola, gourmet coffee, and doggy biscuits.

Unfortunately the As*holes at customs in Guadalajara flagged our box and turned it back to the states. Despite a half hour phone call where I begged and pleaded in english and spanish, the super-hero-customs-agent would not allow “unauthorized food” to enter the country. Wow. Glad their mail system is so air tight down here. Wouldn’t want to let a few chocolate bars get through. Now if those pinche cabrons would just turn that microscope on the mass drug trafficking we might get somewhere.

This is a major blow for the family. We won’t have the opportunity to get mail again until I fly back to Outdoorplay for 2 weeks in April. Luckily 98% of our affairs are now conducted electronically, but it would have been damn nice to receive that delicious dark chocolate since it’s impossible to find down here. Kiki and I are both taking this pretty hard, but Stevie doesn’t seem as devastated. When I reminded her that her birth control pills were also in the box she smiled and said, “every cloud has a silver lining.” What in the hell does that mean? TREE

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  1. says:

    "Well little Tree jr. in which hospital were you born?" says the teacher. Little John Trujillo III replies "Uhhh I was born in the back of a van some where between Guayaquil and Tumbes Ecuador"

    Silver lining tree. I'm going to be a happy god father.

  2. Me voy de compras!

  3. Use condoms. Pulling out doesn't work.

  4. Gonna need a bigger Sprinter van with a baby seat.

  5. No F'in way. I'm so sorry. That was a bundle of xmas love. Well, hopefully someone at ODP will enjoy all the deliciousness. As for the other…. ya, you're on your own there buddy. -Sis

  6. silver lining bud. really silver.

  7. Dang – and between us, Indra and I sent ALOT of chocolate! Very sad.

    Silver linings . . . . Well, since the Chemistry between you two is OBVIOUSLY E.LEC.TRIC! – lets start picking out names!

  8. Tree, Not sure I can help you with the birth control thing, but we can send you dark chocolate from here…we can use a national service….
    just let me know:)

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