Pueblos Magicos – You won’t see these at the tourist resort

As we continue our trek around the interior of Mexico we are overwhelmed with the number of cool towns. They are called Pueblos Magicos, or Magic Towns.  I’ve been to Mexico a dozen times and have never seen these wonderful places. You won’t see these places from behind the gated walls of the resorts in the coastal towns. You have to venture inland to find them, and if you do you’ll experience the magic offered by both the pueblos and the people in them. Many Americans are hesitant to visit these areas because of all the bad press on the drug wars, but we have not had a single problem and the areas feel safe to us. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, consider visiting a Magic Town.

The Programa Pueblos Mágicos (“Magical Villages Program”) is an initiative led by Mexico’s Tourist Department to promote a series of towns around the country that offer visitors a “magical” experience – by reason of their natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance. So far we’ve visited Todos Santos, Tequila, Guanajuato, and San Miguel De Allende, which is where we are now…

Pictures of our journey through the Pueblos Magicos 

We’ve been staying in RV and camping parks while we’re in the interior. They offer showers and a safe place for us to sleep. They are also beautiful places. Here are pics from our campsite a couple nights ago. We had a beautiful view looking through the old stone arch at the town of Guanajuato 

As we travel, one of the best things that is happening to us is that we are starting to meet fellow nomads. It is great for us to hear their stories and realize that we are not alone in our dream to live off the grid and in an alternative lifestyle. We met an amazing french couple who raised their little girl on a sail boat (which is our dream as well). Then the other night we camped with a couple from Switzerland. They shipped their rig to Canada and are also driving down to the tip of South America. We’re pretty sure we’ll meet up with Alex and Monika again down the road. We really liked their energy. Check out their rig…

Tomorrow we head into the state of Michoachan to the next Pueblo Magico, Patzcuaro….

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  1. mamatuyas says:

    Years ago I stayed three months in Guanojuato, studying Spanish and iiving with a family, (La Familia De La Fuente). It was wonderful exploring the old cobblestone alleyways after school everyday. Guanojuato is a World Heritage Site in the mountains, an old silver-baron town, and it feels like being in an ancient Spanish city. I love it there. Are these other "Pueblos Magicos" also Heritage sites?
    Living the Magic!

  2. Kris y Ken y Duffie says:

    Guanajauto is a beautiful pueblo, we stayed in the same spot and enjoyed the colorful vistas. We would love to spend more time there. San Miguel is amazing but has way too many gringos for us. We hope you have a few days to enjoy Patzcuaro and the surrounding pueblos. Ken bought a beauty of a guitar in nearby Paracho, the guitar making village. We know you'll enjoy Villa Patzcuaro and the Señora who runs it. If Al and Marilyn of Oregon are there tell 'em hola. xoxo

  3. Every day, you two look more and and more native……… Beautiful pics

    Love Chris

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but Guanajuato isn't a Pueblo Magico it's World Heritage. San Miguel de Allende use to be a Pueblo Magico but had to drop it because it also became World Heritage, a higher distinction. Distilleries, factories, and agave plantations in Tequila are World Heritage but not the town.

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